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Hello Everyone!
So, I have a while to go, but I'll draw a picture for who ever catches me at 8,000 pageviews.

In Progress:

:icongingerscoffee: Megamind(sketched)
:iconfaithling: Rapunzel and Pascal
:iconathenatt: Inuyasha
:iconmasterkiki: Friday

By the way. I was tagged to post ten things about myself in my journal. I'm not going to tag anyone though. Although, if you want to post ten things about yourself in your journal, that would be pretty awesome :D

1. I used to eat ketchup with my pizza. I kid you not.
2. My favorite emoticon is :la:
3. I'm an idealist. Why people put up with me is beyond me D:
4. I wrote a story of 98 pages when I was 14.
5. I love to read dark stories as much as I love to write them :heart:
6. My closest friends went to grade school with me.
7. I beat Xenosaga 1 with cheats D: But loved the story so much that I would play it over and over again. Sometimes in one sitting.
8. First anime I ever saw was Totoro.
9. All my favorite comics are online. My favorites are HINABN and The Less then Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. And, wow, they both have the longest titles ever XD
10. Favorite Character right now is Soli from the Meek. :dance:
Hello Everyone!

I'm leaving this open to anyone, even non-watchers. I'll draw a piece of fan art for those who comment. Please leave a note in this journal.
I don't usually get that many comments, so I'll draw a picture for who ever comments.

For fan art:
-Can be your own character
-TV shows

The list goes on and on :)

If your a non-watcher, I will note you a link on your front deviant page.

Thank you:la:

I'll feature the first five to comment, showing my favorite piece of yours. Rules are you have to feature five people in your journal as well.

  Alright, if you didn't already know, I seem to have to worst luck with technology. Mainly having multiple flash drives dying on me and major laptop issues.

Well, my laptop won't charge.

I sent it into HP about 4 months ago, and the problem wasn't fixed. It's past the 90 day warranty and I am no longer insured on my laptop. I'm having a shop look at my computer. They already told me that if it's the port that's soldered onto the mother board that it would cost me over the price of the laptop to replace it.

What does this mean? Well, if there's another issue with the computer(like the battery or power cord), then everything is fine.

If not, it means that I'll be without a laptop. Also, that set of pictures I was working on will be delayed until I get a hold of a tablet since the Touchsmart tx2 was my only drawing tablet.

Thankfully I do have a desktop which I will be using instead at the dorm.

Hopefully things will work out. I'll keep you updated.

Blue,green,purple and 76 pages a 14 year old wrote

Journal Entry: Mon May 10, 2010, 10:52 PM
I got my hair dyed on Saturday. Green, purple, and blue streaks. Three on one side, two on the other. Took about 2 hours, but it was worth it. Totally spaced and forgot to bring something to read or do for those two hours. Maybe I'll bring something next time...

Yesterday I just finished reading a 76 paged story I wrote when I was 14. It's kind of funny, because I didn't remember most of it. Now I look at it as something back then and am able to analyze the characters and themes better. And there's of course the 'I can't believe I wrote that' factor, but mostly I just love the story for what it is.

Also, has anyone seen Kick-Ass? Awesome movie. Big Daddy was such a dork, but then he kills everyone in that wearhouse, and it was woa. I don't know if you guys have seen clips or not, but it's pretty funny and it's got a pretty good story as well. And Hit Girl. She was just awesome. Crude and can fight for herself. Got to be one of my favorite movies of all time.

Here are some awesome comics :3

Hanna is not a Boy's Name

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

Goodbye Chains…

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

Fairy Tales…

Flaky Pastry

Mark Twain.

So, I pretty much haven't been on DA for like a year.
I'm posting this saying that I'm back for good. I'll be updating with every piece of artwork I come up with(that I feel is somewhat worthy).
I've improved quite a bit and feel more confident in the artwork that I make, so that's the other reason I'm back.

Geez, I couldn't have written a more boring announcement. I should have thrown in some smilies and rainbows or something and made it more snazzy. Oh well.

:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743: :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconkarolinaskauniverse: :iconudana: :iconstyrecat: :iconvendetta-elite: :iconshalakazam: :iconanime-otakuu: :iconeuphoric-acid: :iconkeeptotheleft: :icon1-mossflower-1: :iconroxasmysockx:

Thanks for following me, you guys are awesome:)

Oh, and here are some awesome comics. You guys should check them out. If you've read any before, feel free to post about about it. I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Hanna is not a Boy's Name

Goodbye Chains…

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

Fairy Tales…

Flaky Pastry
The projects are adding upXD" I stared a new story I may post up later...

:icongingerscoffee: KH Haven't started
:iconudana: Basic colours
:iconkarolinaskauniverse: Inked
:iconbunkun: Mostly coloured
Meme: Started sketch and colouring
:iconimagec0rrupt3d: Arial Basic colours
:iconfa-chan: Windwaker Sketch

Health Irony: 99% done
Rose: Coloured

If I missed anything, please tell me:)

My friends:D
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743: :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconkarolinaskauniverse: :iconudana: :iconstyrecat: :iconvendetta-elite: :iconshalakazam: :iconanime-otakuu: :iconeuphoric-acid: :iconkeeptotheleft: :icon1-mossflower-1: :iconroxasmysockx:
  • Reading: The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal...
I've just entered :iconimagec0rrupt3d:'s contest. Here's the…
I still don't have my tablet working at my mom's house. I might win a laptop for a creative writing story, so it'll work and that and maybe I'll be able to work on some projects.

LAST CHANCE to be featured in my journal with three pieces of my favorite artwork from your gallery.    

I was tagged by :iconkarolinaskauniverse: and :iconmasterkiki:

1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post eight random facts about themselves.
3. Must make a blog/journal about this.
4. Tag eight or more people.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment notifying them of their tagging.

1. I can be pretty organized when I want to be
2. I pretty much like all music, except country
3. I collect Xenosaga 1 items
4. I've cut my hair like an anime character many times D:"
5. 1. When I was younger, I used to put my shoes on the wrong feet and wouldn't notice(I still have picturesXD)
6. I used to eat ketchup with many things, including pizzaXD"
7. I don't eat ketchup anymore DX
8. I locked myself in the bathroom twice and ran into a glass door all in the same night XD"

I'm willing to draw eight rough sketches sense I was tagged by two people. Comment on this journal to get a place.

:icongingerscoffee: Haven't started
:iconudana: Basic colours
:iconkarolinaskauniverse: Sketched-will redo with traditional mediums because it takes soooo long for me to get to my dad's computer D:
:iconbunkun: Haven't started

My friends:D
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743: :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconkarolinaskauniverse: :iconudana: :iconstyrecat: :iconvendetta-elite: :iconshalakazam: :iconanime-otakuu: :iconeuphoric-acid: :iconkeeptotheleft: :icon1-mossflower-1:
  • Reading: The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal...
I finished the last Harry Potter book today at 11:26(AM)
I thought it started off a bit slow, but I really enjoyed it. The ending was great:D
Why Tonks:( That was really sad. I seem to have a knack for liking characters who dieDX I felt bad for their son who would go through the same thing as Harry.

I really like the twists J.K. Rowling put in there. Like Snape being a protagonist, the whole having Harry die to save everyone yet he lives, etc.

I would like to know your thoughts on the book.

When I read the part that Harry turned seventeen, it hit me that we're the same ageXD
Apparently J.K. Rowling has been working on the book for seventeen years... that's a long timeXD

Join our club:D :iconwriterzblock:

My friends:D
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743: :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconkarolinaskauniverse: :iconudana:
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:iconmasterkiki: and I have created a club for writers.

People look at art, but rarely look at literature. This club is for the excellent writers on Deviant Art to be praised for their works

Check us out :iconwriterzblock:
I'm in Idaho, so I wont be on as much. My Aunt has Dial-up and I'm ting up phone linesXD"

I'm going to be entering my first contest on DA:dance:
I'll post up more later. It's a journal design contest:)
I started on one, but I have no ideas what to do for the otherXD"

Open for Art trades

Art trades
:iconfaithling:-Almost done

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743: :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconyamiserenity: :iconkarolinaskauniverse: :iconudana:
(If I missed anyone please tell me)
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  • Reading: .
  • Watching: The Lama
  • Playing: .
  • Eating: .
  • Drinking: .
First 5 people to comment in my journal will be featured.
I will pick 3 of my favorite pieces of art in their gallery and post them:D

If you are featured, you have to do the same thing in your journal:evillaugh:

Good luck:D

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743:  :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconkarolinaskauniverse: :iconudana:

I will be posting a story up soon(not the romance, but I will post that up)
The story's title is Spider. I was very excited to write it for my health class and I liked how it turned out.

I know it's been awhile sence this happened but I got my first comission:dance:
My awesome health teacher heard I like to draw with pen and ink and asked me to redraw a picture that had already been done.
The funny thing is that he had never actually seen my artwork when he asked me this. For all he knows, I could be drawing stick figures with pen and inkXD''

I'll post the picture on DA when I'm done:D

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743:  :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconkarolinaskauniverse:
I can't believe I'm doing thisXD

As a writer your supposed to broaden your horizons and write many genres, which I need to doXD
I have read a lot of fanfics(with a few exceptions of a couple of writers on DA, but that's about itXD) about romance and seen a lot of movies(my parents made me watch itXD).

So of course, I am challenging my self to write a romance ficXD'''

Yeah, knowing me it might not even count... XD

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743:  :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconfrenchchickenbob: :iconhazel-adachi:
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My birthday is tomorrow!:dance:

I'm going to post up a 1'000 page review pic soon. Thank you all so much for the views! :D

I really wanted to see Letters from Ima Jima, but they stopped playing last weekend, of course they don't play it when I can goXD

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743:  :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconfrenchchickenbob: :iconhazel-adachi:
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  • Reading: From Black Rooms by Stephen Woodworth
Yes! Finals are done!:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:

I'm just going to hang out this weekened. I'll probally post some drawingings up. I got some pen and ink at my dad's so I don't brake my pens trying to carry them from house to houseXD

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743:  :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconfrenchchickenbob: :iconhazel-adachi:
  • Reading: From Black Rooms by Stephen Woodworth
I have finals this week:(
I wont be on as much, but I'll probably be on this weekend though.

I have P.E. tomorrow. Then, I have study hall after that, so I get to go home early:D
I got PR(I think it means personal record) on my mile today, so I don't have to worry about running the mile for tomorrow(I was stressed out over thatXD My teacher marks us down if we don't get past our best time)

Then I have drama and math which are ok. For Drama I'm going to read some dialog from the 3rd FullMetal Alchemist manga. On Thursday I have English, New Testament, and Science which are all hard XD"

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconxcasting-shadows69x: :iconfa-chan: :iconchibi-edo-chan: :icongingerscoffee: :iconequus743:  :icontaisaroymustangsmine:  :icontmk-da: :iconfrenchchickenbob: :iconhazel-adachi:
  • Reading: From Black Rooms by Stephen Woodworth
  • Reading: From Black Rooms by Stephen Woodworth
Hello everyone:D
It's Christmas brake and I'm loving it... well except the homework part:XD:

My class and I have to send essays by mail to my English teacher since we got out of school on Friday. She also gave us her home phone number for emergences...  She wouldn't let us send it over e-mail.

I have finished Revelation and love it(actually finished it about a week ago). I don't agree with a lot of the things in Revelation, but I love the symbolism in Revelation. I LOVE SYMBOLISM :D :D :D :D
(Yes, I am obsessed about symbolism:XD:)

Can someone please help me with my website? I don't know how to get white text over a picture and getting the text in a certain area. I've been trying to make a website for sometime but can't figure it out. I made my website differently though, though using Abode Image Ready. Here's the link to my website:… Is there a way I can get the text to the top of the orange box?

I got a Christmas tree yesterday:D

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconfa-chan: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconequus743: :icontmk-da: :icongingerscoffee: :icontaisaroymustangsmine:
:iconchibi-edo-chan: :iconxcasting-shadows69x:
I haven't done one of these in a long timeXD

Happy Halloween!:pumpkin: :D
This year I was Chaos. My mom got me this silver spay for my hair and it turned out great:D
I should put up a holloween drawing. I don't think I have that much time this week thoughXD

Here are some projects I'm working on:
*iconhazel-adachi:'s birthday pic(I'm really sorry. I havn't forgotten, it'll be a late birthday pic)
*:icongingerscoffee: a picture of Al and Ceili dancing(I wish I knew how to draw people dancingXD)
*Colouring :iconhikari-sora1:'s picture
*Xenosaga novel
*My novel(which I started rewriting parts to)

I have a lot to doXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconfa-chan: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconequus743: :icontmk-da: :icongingerscoffee: :icontaisaroymustangsmine:
I finished watching FMA today.:dance:
It was so sad how Envy turned into Hughes:(
I love the ending though. This is the third time I've seen itXD
I am starting on a dōjin, fan comic, that will be combining Xenosaga and Full Metal Alchemist it is called Metalsaga

I'll try to post it up, but right now, I'm just sketching it out.

I'm getting a manga program for my computer, so I should start posting up
pages after that(hopefully). I'm also going to try and get new nibs and whiteout(water soluable) and see if that helps.

I can tell you a little about the dōjin, I promise not to spoil anything(which is extremly hard for me to doXDXD):

The story takes place in the future(Xenosaga time and setting).
Jr. and the violet testament will be the main characters.
A lot of the secondary characters will become main characters.

Trades: Yes(Freya, I'm still working on it, sorryXD)
Request: Yes

Listening to: nothing
Reading: nothing
Watching: nothing

People who I watch/watch me:D :
:iconmasterkiki: :iconfaithling: :iconfa-chan: :iconhazel-adachi: :iconequus743: :icontmk-da: :icongingerscoffee: :icontaisaroymustangsmine: